What is the cost of a consultation?

Our consultation fee is €49.50 incl. VAT

What makes the Cat Hospital special?

The Cat Hospital is completely different to a normal veterinary hospital as everything in it has been designed with your cat in mind. We are constantly improving our services and keeping up to date on all things cat related.

Is animal insurance a good idea?

Modern veterinary is advancing all the time and the care we can give to your beloved cat is improving too. All veterinary costs money and many of the modern treatments come at a cost. We advise EVERY cat owner to insure their pet because when your cat gets sick then all you need to worry about is doing our best to make your cat better, not how much it is going to cost.

Does the Cat Hospital open late any evening?

The Cat Hospital is open Monaday to Friday until 19:00 and open all day Saturday until 17:00.

What does a new kitten need to have?

Every pet cat should be vaccinated, speyed and treated with appropriate antiparasitic medicine. Microchipping your cat means you are 30 times more likely to get her back if she goes missing. A microchip is just €20 incl. VAT and lasts a lifetime. Our pets live so closely with us now that their health and our health are linked.

What makes neuter at the Cat Hospital so special?

We follow international guidelines in relation to neutering cats which recommends the procedure is carried out after 8-10 weeks of age. Our surgery and anaesthesia is designed just for cats so the procedure is simple and safe now. We love to see our patients recover in no time and go home within 2-3 hours of their surgery. Female cat speys cost €95 incl. VAT and male neuters cost €75 incl. VAT at our hospital.

What should I do to avoid fleas?

If you allow your cat outside you will need an effective flea prevention program all year round. We know that humans and cats can get very serious diseases from fleas. Please ask us for a simple and cost effective way to prevent these pesky parasites in your cat.

Does the Cat Hospital provide second opinions?

Yes we do, please read about our Referral Consultation on our services page.

Open Hours

Mon - Fri  9:00 - 19:00
Sat  9:00 - 17:00
Sun – Contact out of hours service

Barnavara Hill, Glanmire,
Co. Cork, T45 KV08
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Daytime Number
Call 021 482 4601

ALWAYS phone ahead of arrival.

Out of Hours Emergency
Call 087 275 1322

You will be redirected to the Emergency On-Call Vet and will be given directions to their location.
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