Your cat will need a passport if you wish to bring her to another country outside of Ireland. Before applying for a passport you must have your cat microchipped by a vet.

Pet passports are now available from your vet.  We keep the passports here and can fill the passport out while you wait.

If you intend to travel outside of Ireland with your cat you will need to have her vaccinated against rabies. This vaccination will protect your cat against rabies in affected areas and ensure she will not need to go into quarantine on her return.  One vaccine is usually enough to give protection against rabies for 2 years.

You must keep your cat’s rabies vaccination up to date every 2 years if you intend to travel regularly with her.  All rabies vaccinations must be written down in your cat’s passport.

It is very important to inform yourself of specific requirements for the country you are visiting and let the Vet know of these well in advance.

Information is available on the different regulations relating to pet travel from the government departments with responsibility for animals in each country. In Ireland the government department is called the ‘Department of Agriculture’  and the pet passport and travel section is full of information about travel to and from Ireland.

Although The Cat Hospital can advise you on the specific requirement for cats coming INTO Ireland we cannot advise owners on the specific travel requirements for other countries.  If you are bringing your cat to another country you will need to find out the requirements for that country and let us know so that we can help you to get everything in order.